Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Emerging Technologies: Picasa

For this emerging technology, I used Picasa.
Picasa is a software application for organizing and editing digital photos from your own computer. Picasa uses your own pictures that you may upload from your digital camera or computer. You can edit pictures, create collages, create movies, send them to friends and family, tag them to your facebook/myspace.

Using this application was very simple. I just went to the Picasa website and downloaded it to my computer for free. The setup was easy and was very fast. I then was able to upload different pictures from my camera, google, and my facebook. All of this was very painfree and easy to do. This software is very helpful for creating fast picture collages (which is what i made)and would be very useful in the classroom. Students could even make, and edit their own pictures to present during class. I would recomend this software to anyone who is interested in editing and creating new things with their pictures.

Tips: 1. When downloading, be sure you know what it is you are downloading. There are different websites that offer the FREE download of this software, others may charge money.
2. Read carefuly through the setup process, it will tell you how the application works with your computer.
3. When editing and creating on Picasa, make sure to save everything before closing the software.
4. Before printing, or sending your creation to facebook/myspace/email, make sure to "preview" the finished product.

My Picasa Creation: I decided to make a collage of pictures dealing with different issues in education.


  1. Your creation is very cool! I wouldn't have been sure how to use this, but you give a very good example and illustration.

  2. I have never heard of Picasa until this post. This seems very interesting.

  3. It looks great Courtney and I like that you used pictures that are about education! I will keep Picasa in mind and will use it for future projects!!

  4. Wow! This technology Rocks! Very cool!

  5. This is pretty cool! I am going to have to try this one out. I love pictures and making different creations with them! Yours looks great!